Who are you?

There are two of us, and we both have weird names:

Sloane is the first voice you’ll hear on the podcast. She lives in Brooklyn and works as a consultant for various institutional investors and industry bodies. She is also a comedian and meme connoisseur. You should follow her on twitter and/or Instagram.

Ashby is the second voice you’ll hear. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is Executive Director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University. He may or may not be able to juggle. You should follow him on twitter.

What is this?

Free Money is a mission-oriented publisher of perspectives and information about the world of institutional investors for humans who speak regular English. We produce a podcast and occasionally post essays alongside each episode.

We also answer questions from listeners on every episode! Email us at freemoneypod@gmail.com if have something you’d like to ask. You can also just respond to any of the emails we send.

Where should I start?

Five Forces Fighting Free Money is our most recent summary episode and the best one to start with.

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Sloane Ortel
Queer as in curious. Present. She/her/they/them.