Misogyny and Maple Syrup


Does misogyny cost money? 

Yes, but not enough.

Ken Fisher - who runs the eponymous Fisher Investments - has a long history of inappropriate invective. One particular instance earlier this month at an investment conference triggered an outcry and then outflows of about $3 Billion.

That response took remarkably quick action from the asset owner community. On this podcast, Ashby wondered aloud why these large institutions were quick to respond when a man says bad things, but drag their feet when it comes to deeper issues of racism, climate change, and technological disruption.

Good questions to ask!

But I wonder why Fisher doesn’t just lean into sexism. His Camas, WA advisory firm is only about three percent smaller after all of the fallout. I even went ahead and mocked up a new ad campaign featuring the man’s prodigious forehead.

It could work! Misogynists need money managers too.

Anyway, we also took questions from listeners. This week we answered:

  • What’s the worst name you’ve ever come across for a financial services firm?

  • What do you believe about investing, but know that you could never prove?

  • What’s the best investment advice you’ve gotten from someone outside the industry?